Welcome to Sweden’s Paragliding Tandem Center since 1988.

Paragliding Tandem Flights are a simple and wonderful way to get up into the skies without any prior knowledge. You will fly with experienced tandem pilots and we do guarantee you a wonderful memory for life.
At our site we primarily fly soaring. This means that we will use rising winds created by the steep coastline between Hammar slopes and Kåseberga to take off and stay airborne. The altitude varies between 10-100m and you get an excellent bird’s eye view when you look out over the beautiful slopes. We take off and land at the same place, so if you have friends with you, they will see you through most of the flight.

Our Gift Certificates is a perfect gift for any occasion – something special in the form of an unforgettable experience. Purchase a gift certificate/ticket in our E-store and get ready for an adventure!


Who can fly

The weight span is 20kg-100kg and your age does not matter. If you are pregnant, you should not fly.
The flight takes place in ”Hammars Backar” and in Kåseberga at the Ale’s Stones east of Ystad. We fly from Easter until the second weekend in September each year. Follow this link to see available times and to book your flight (note – you have to buy a gift certificate/ticket in our estore first)

The flight will take approximately 30 minutes with instructions, takeoff and landing.
If you want to try to control the glider yourself when you are in the air, just ask the pilot.
If you want some extra adrenaline and feel some G forces, just ask the pilot!

What else do I need to know?

By 10:00 am on the morning of your flight we will contact you via SMS on the mobile number you entered when you booked your flight. – – –Should you not have received an SMS, contact us on +46 411-52 74 78 [Open weekdays 9-14].

If you are booked on outside of opening hours, please check the information you provided in your booking so that your number is correct – we will try to contact you. Note that in Kåseberga the mobile coverage is unfortunately very limited regardless of operator.

We urge you to read our terms and conditions on the website so nothing is unclear to you, and that you bring your gift certificate/ticket to the flight!

The SMS you receive will contain information the weather forecasts for the day and meeting place. If the text message confirms that the weather and flight conditions allow for you to go flying, please go to the shop in Kåseberga and check the Tandem Map” located on the wall (well ahead of your scheduled flight time). The map shows where you are going to go in the area for your flight. All start locations are within 5 minutes from Tandem Map.

We are flying from April-September.